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Tuesday 03 November 2020

Some dogs are rather easy-going when it comes to feeding times. Here, it is not necessary to ensure that the food is in the bowl at exactly the same time every day. But there are also dogs that can hardly wait to be fed. One reason for this can be irregular feeding times. For impatient dogs, it can be advisable, for example, to always feed them at the same time in the early morning and late afternoon. In this way, the dog can adjust to these times. While it is eating, you should disturb your dog as little as possible. If you have several dogs, they should have different feeding places.

Getting used to new pet food
Some illnesses require switching to a special dietary pet food. It is best to introduce the changeover as subtly and carefully as possible: A small amount of the new food should be well mixed with the previous food. The proportion should then be gradually increased until finally only the new food is in the bowl. 

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