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Tuesday 03 November 2020

A dog’s energy requirements depend, among other things, on its age, size, whether it lives indoors or outdoors, and its level of activity. An agile dog has higher energy requirements than a calmer dog. The best way to determine the correct amount of food is to follow the feeding recommendation on the dog food packaging. This does, however, only represent an average recommended amount. Each dog has to be assessed individually with regard to its life circumstances. 

How often should you feed your dog?
Everyone knows that after a particularly opulent meal you feel full and sluggish. Dogs are no different, which is why feeding just once a day is not recommended. It is better to feed your dog two or three times throughout the day. This allows the food to be digested as effectively as possible.

With large dogs, if the portions are too big, there is a risk of, among other things, bloating of the stomach (gastric torsion). After feeding, the dog should have a rest period of one to two hours.

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