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Tuesday 24 November 2020


Not only the correct position of the drinking bowl, but also the bowl itself can influence how much a cat drinks. On the one hand, this concerns the material: plastic and rubber can have a particular smell. With bowls made of ceramics, glass or metal, this is seldom the case. On the other hand, the shape is also important: For example, some cats do not like bowls that are too small or too deep, because they are prone to knock their whiskers on them. This can also occur when there is too little water left in the bowl, which is why it should always be adequately filled. Please fill it with fresh water every day, because many cats dislike stagnant water. And please also remember that the water bowl should be non-slip. If necessary, a special non-slip mat placed under the bowl can be helpful here.

An increasing number of cat owners use another trick: They use a drinking fountain. Not only does the gentle splashing remind the cat to have a drink, but the fountain replicates the advantages of natural running water. This is, of course, always cleaner than standing water. In order to ensure this at all times, the right material should be chosen, (no plastic), and the drinking fountain should be cleaned regularly and the water renewed daily.
To encourage the cat to drink, you can refine the drinking water with the delicious milk snack from Animonda.

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